Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Be Free

Just saw the Broadway show Hair with AJ. I thought it was horrible. I wish I was a 60's child...sigh.

Ain't got no home-Ain't got no shoes-Ain't got no money-Ain't got no class-Ain't got no scarf-Ain't got no gloves-Ain't got no bed-Ain't got no pot-Ain't got no faith-Ain't got no mother-Ain't got no culture-Ain't got no friends-Ain't got no schoolin'-Ain't got no shine-Ain't got no underwear-Ain't got no soap-Ain't got no A-Train-Ain't got no mind-Ain't got no smokes-Ain't got no job-Ain't got no work-Ain't got no coins-Ain't got no pennies-Ain't got no man-Ain't got no ticket-Ain't got no token-Ain't got no god.

I got my hair-I got my head-I got my brains-I got my ears-I got my eyes-I got my nose- I got my mouth-I got my teeth-I got my tongue-I got my chin-I got my neck-I got my tits-I got my heart-I got my soul-I got my back-I got my ass-I got my arms-I got my hands-I got my fingers-I got my legs-I got my feet-I got my toes-I got my liver-I got my blood-I got my guts-I got my muscles-I got life.

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