Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Cat

A fall ghost story with love, from Barneys:

"Apartments were harder to find than a good boyfriend. I was surprised when I stumbled upon such a cool pad. It was almost as if nobody wanted it. It was in the middle of the afternoon. Maybe two or three days after moving in that I first noticed the cat. I never questioned his presence. I never even bothered to give him a name. He liked to watch me primp. It was almost as if he wanted to approve my dress, to bless my tresses. I never told him that I loved him. I was worried that if I did, then he would leave me, like all the boys before him. Then I began to notice. Things. Strange things. Food bowls untouched. Kitty-litter no smell. I called my great-aunt Cecelia. She has a way with cats. Always has had. I described my mysterious furry friend in detail. My great-aunt said that she needed to do a little psychic research before making a diagnosis. She would be in touch. Two days later a letter arrived: 'My dearest niece, I am perplexed by your feline conundrum. I have no good advice, other than to suggest that you try the following: on the next full moon take your cat to a cozy corner. Place him on your lap and tell him you love him. Good luck! Great Aunt Cecelia' Tell the cat I love him? Sounds easy enough, dear reader. But not for me I trembled at the thought. On the next full moon, I prep'd and primped all afternoon. I wanted to look beautiful for the cat. 'I LOVE YOU' I screamed! When I opened my eyes the cat had vanished. For the next few days I walked and walked. I was torn between melancholy and exhaustion. I had fallen in love, and declared that love...and had lost that love. But I could not be angry. The object of my love was now free. The cat was a phantom. The ghost of a love-sick spirit... Trapped in limbo. I had set him free. But at what cost? I was alone again. That night I dreamt I was a mad cat lady. Bicycling around town trying to catch strays in my basket. The next morning... Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! The End. P.S. Be careful what you wish for.

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  1. that's fucking awesome!
    I don't know why , but I loved it so much !