Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Communal People

I just came from hearing Gloria Steinem speak. I'm am not trying to be cliche, but sitting in the audience, I felt such warmth and inspiration, that it made my heart swell. Talk about an amazing women... Steinem shared pieces of conversations with various women who have spoken to her over the years on issues of feminism, race, and class. She's funny, has so much knowledge, and looks freaking amazing! The Q&A section was powerful to witness, with women and men standing up and sharing with the audience examples of sexism in their personal lives. The audience and Steinem would cheer so loudly that it truly felt like an Oprah-esque experience.

It was surreal to be in the presence of a such an amazing advocate for women's rights and feminism, thus, it would be a disservice to her and to ourselves, to not walk out of that lecture and take her advice: wake up every morning and do something abstract and strange, laugh more, meet new people, have affairs with younger men, read more, acknowledge it is okay to value relationships because we are communal people and nobody can stand alone, have more sex, question and learn constantly, be an activist in your community. Because the bat of a butterfly wing changes the weather.

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