Friday, April 9, 2010

Creepy or Genius?

Lately photographer Terry Richardson has been in the press after some accusations arose from models involving Terry's sexual misconduct on shoots. His photographs are quite risque so I probably would believe it. His website has a section where one can apply to be photographed by Terry himself, the catch is you have to be willing to be nude... His photographs have been known to be provocative, controversial, and even demeaning to women. However, photography is an art and I really do believe that Terry is a creative photographer. Richardson is clearly not afraid of defying social norms in fashion and photography. Terry's creativeness and ability to push boundaries is very important in the art world and despite all the negative light being shed on him now, I still think some of his work is great.

There's a duality to Richardson's work, his high profile celebrity portraits and fashion photography, and then his side projects, a little, I mean a lot, more raunchy and lewd photographs. Yes, his photographs can be a little perverted, yes he looks like a creep, and he does have a reputation for sleeping around with the girls he photographs. I'm not making a character judgement, I'm not defending his actions, and being a woman I don't feel that it's wrong to still like his photography and think that he is creative. We'll have to stay tuned to see what happens to Mr. Richardson.

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