Monday, May 3, 2010

Very Superstitious

Last night I fell asleep watching The Apartment. It came out in 1960 and stars Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. I really enjoyed it's old school charm and would highly recommend it. Jack Lemmon lends his apartment to his superiors at his company so they can have affairs because he thinks he's going to get a promotion at work. Lemmon ends up falling in love with one of the mistresses and the rest is history.

This Saturday night Stevie Wonder was here to celebrate the opening of a new Jazz building at the Oberlin Conservatory. He performed with the Oberlin Jazz Ensemble and it truly was amazing. He seemed like a very nice guy and was genuinely touched by musicians playing his music and the dedication of the building. I think a highlight from that night was when Wonder was giving a speech and was thanking God and said "I don't know if he" pause "or she" ... The crowd went wild when he included the "or she" and I laughed because only at Oberlin.

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