Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Free Of The Need To Be Free

Last night I saw Vetiver play and was delightfully surprised. They sounded really really good live! Lead singer Andy Cabic's dreamy vocals put the whole crowd into a romantic trance and the room it was a swaying. I enjoyed their album Tight Knit, but I never was a die-hard fan of Vetiver. However, after the show last night, they have definitely earned my respect as a band. They played songs off their 4th album Tight Knit and also tried out some new songs on the audience. It was a lovely little show and I give the performance nothing but positive praises.

Earlier that day I actually sat adjacent to the drummer and the guitar player in a coffee shop in town and didn't realize who they were until I went to the show that night. I guess a girl has gotta do her research.

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