Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Real People. Real Annoying.

So...I stumbled upon yelpyack and was quite amused. Artist Jessica Wassil takes ridiculously funny, but real, reviews off the website Yelp and creates illustrations that go with them. God Bless America!

“Let this be known, this is in no way a review for the church, BUT for one of its neurotic god fearing disciples. My friend wanted to join a new parish and asked me to check some out with her so she wouldn’t be alone.. she just went through a divorce and is looking for some spiritual comfort so I decided to be a friend and go along with her.

M I S T A K E! man, i hope i am not punished for writing this, mind you, its not the church, its a particular “member” so the service was fine and dandy but afterward the minister said that there would be jelly doughnuts and coffee served in the social hall and would appreciate new members and old to congregate and talk. fine. sounds great.

N O T! we got to talking about our lives and my dear friend brought up her recent sad divorce. well, this sent this one beast to hell and back to get her pitchfork and laid into her yelling “IT’S NOT GODS WAY TO BREAK UP A PROMISE” “MARRIAGE IS FOREVER AND YOU BROKE A HOLY PROMISE” okay, see what i mean, yelling, spitting, face red and sweating. “SHE CAN’T JOIN THE PARISH”!

the minister tried to shut her down but this lady is obviously LOCO. I just grabbed two jelly doughnuts, my friends hand and split that scene. two stars for the refreshments”

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